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Insurance Requirements for Your Retreat

A general liability insurance policy for your organization must be presented at least ten (10) days prior to your arrival. If your current policy is inadequate to meet the $1 million (Comprehensive, single occur) / $2 million (Aggregate) stated in our Agreement, then we suggest you call your carrier and ask for a rider for the dates of the contract.

Please name Alpine Meadows Camp and Retreat Center & The US Forest Service as additional insured.

This Policy is not specifically for medical treatment. It is a liability policy required by the U.S. Forest Service and our Insurance Company to protect us and the surrounding camps and forest lands from negligence and malfeasance. If your organization does not currently have an umbrella liability policy, we ask that you purchase one before attendance.

It is easy to obtain a certificate of insurance: one needs to simply call one’s insurance agency and ask that they issue the certificate. Then FAX the evidence of insurance certificate to us at 909-389-1148.

Please note if we do not receive the certificate of insurance we will not be able to guarantee your reservation.

Contact us with any questions about the insurance requirements for your retreat at Alpine Meadows Retreat Center.


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