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Ropes Course
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The most common type of team-building activity is the Ropes Course, sometimes called a Challenge Course or Adventure Course. Our course is a series of outdoor stations (called elements) in which group members must complete an activity or goal. These activities or elements work on problem solving from different perspectives. These activities and elements will also deal with goal setting and looking out for each other. They demonstrate the importance of working together as a team to view a problem, coming up with a strategy to solve the problem and carrying through with the solution.

The highly trained Challenge Course staff is second to none in their expertise in safety, facilitating and leadership. The specialized equipment used at the Alpine Meadows course is of the highest quality in the challenge course field. Our course site is used as a training facility for safety workshops throughout the year.

We foster group support, enhance individual acceptance and self-esteem by utilizing problem-solving scenarios, stimulating initiatives, and Low and High Challenge Course elements. Our goal for each individual is to provide a positive learning experience in a fun and supportive atmosphere.

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The Benefits and Goals of an Alpine Meadows Retreat Center Challenge Course Workshop
  • Our ropes coordinator will work with you to tailor activities designed to meet your groups' individual needs.
  • Communication and teamwork are intrinsic to the activity. Rather than talking about how to build these skills, participants are exercising their use of these skills at all times.
  • Some activities often require individuals to move out of their comfort zone. Facing these challenges in a non-typical, non-threatening environment helps individuals and teams to think about and deal with similar challenges in their everyday lives.
  • Some activities require a certain degree of perceived "risk" (never unsafe!). A team-building program teaches that reasonable risks are important to break through barriers and bring about real change - this applies as much to a high school football team trying to win a championship trophy as it does to a group of corporate managers trying to increase company sales.
  • Our instructors facilitate each activity for safety and then debrief which will prove invaluable to the group as well as the individual.
  • Challenge, excitement & humor

Teambuilding and Low Ropes

In a true team-building activity participant's work together to face "challenges" and complete tasks. The atmosphere is non-threatening and non-competitive. Our activities are specially designed to enhance problem solving skills, communication, trust, imagination, commitment and excitement.

Low ropes course elements are characterized by group rather than individual participation and the absence of belay needs; i.e., rope protection. The safety offered by group participation results in building team responsibility.

Low elements are group challenges that will have your group working together physically and mentally to achieve a goal. Low ropes course activities provide groundwork and solution orientation for "real life" problems associated with personal relationships, school, occupations, etc.

High Ropes Course

High Elements in our terminology refers to the events that must be belayed (rope attachment system and helmets) to ensure the safety of a participant.

All aspects of climbing are the participants' choice. Elements are chosen for that group's needs to make it user friendly, yet challenging and rewarding.

"Challenge by Choice" simply means you will not be coerced into any aspect of the process you don't understand or choose not to physically participate in. We ask only that you be mentally and emotionally connected with your group throughout the day.

Climbing Tower & Zip Line

Experience the exciting 40 foot multi-faceted climbing tower. The Tower offers 5 different climbs that range from beginner to expert.

You will get a bird's eye view of the camp and the surrounding landscape as you fly through the air with the greatest of ease on our exhilarating 200 foot zip line! Securely fastened into the safety harness you will come to a gentle stop at the supervised landing platform.

Our Challenge Course is run and overseen by Lodestone Adventures.


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